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Sales Angst

Every professional service provider wants to grow his business so he can succeed financially, earn respect in the community and build something great.

The problem is that all too often Sales Angst holds this professional hostage. He can't break free from its grip.

Because of Sales Angst, the professional doesn't have enough conversations with enough people about his service. The result is that the business fails to reach its potential and the professional suffers financially.

The Professional Service Provider breaks out in a cold sweat because he needs to grow his business. To grow his business, he needs to talk to potential clients but Sales Angst holds him hostage. He can't break free. He's stuck.

The tragedy is that potential clients, who would benefit greatly from the service this professional provides, don't even know his service exists. They aren't given the opportunity to benefit from his service because they don't even know about it. People who could be helped are not being helped because Sales Angst has silenced these professionals.

To learn how to leverage LinkedIn, to overcome Sales Angst, and to Grow your Business predictably and efficiently, all you need to do is:

learn the Get LinkedIn System and then put it into action

Irresistible Offer

I want to make an Irresistible Offer to you because I want to help you to stop struggling to grow your business and I want you to break free from the clutches of Sales Angst. My Irresistible Offer is this:

Join our online Business Growth Learning Platform, called Linkyn,

so you can learn how to leverage LinkedIn to grow your business and so much more.

All You Need To Do Is...

1. Click the 
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3. Start leveraging LinkedIN

Let us guide you in setting up the Get LinkedIn System. The System is simple but you will

be so much more effective if we help you get started.

Let us guide you in growing your business

by joining Linkyn for just $1

As a Linkyn Member I will make three commitments to you:

1. I will always treat you the way I would want to be treated.

2. You can easily cancel your membership any time you please without talking to anyone or having anyone hound you.

3. I will always do my best to over deliver value to you.

MEET Jack Frisby


When I started my first sales position, selling a professional service, I was terrified that I would fail and that I would not be able to provide for my family.

After making 40,000 prospecting calls, I knew there had to be a better way to start a conversation with a prospect. Then I met a guy who showed me how he was leveraging LinkedIn to get conversations with potential clients. I learned his system and I have been developing this system for the last three years. I’ve taught the system to hundreds of people who are now benefiting from The Get LinkedIn System.

Our Linkyn Members are confident in their ability to grow their business. They are executing on the plan and they are seeing tangible results. They experience less stress and they enjoy a better family life because of this reduced stress. They are earning the respect of their community and they are building a great business.

Our Linkyn Members are avoiding disappointing results from their business. They are avoiding the financial struggles that come with a struggling business.

Before they learned the Get LinkedIn System our Linkyn Members were feeling stressed and scared to death that their business might ultimately fail.

By learning and implementing the Get LinkedIn System, our Linkyn Members feel confident that they know exactly how to grow their business and they are in the driver's seat. They have their foot on the gas pedal and they are in complete control of how fast they go.

That’s the power of the Get LinkedIn System and the only place to learn this system is inside Linkyn.

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